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Child Support Recovery Service

Child support is not just a financial obligation, it is a moral obligation as well. A parent that supports their child both emotionally and financially will see first hand the benefit to the child.

Child Support Collection

At CSRS, we help custodial parents collect child support payments or spousal support. Whether in Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, Ohio, or almost any other state, we can help.

Our service as a private child support enforcement agency is a viable option for custodial parents who need help collecting court-ordered child or spousal support. We:

  • Are a private firm, not affiliated with any state or federal agency.
  • Are paid by you on a contingency basis. By working on a contingency fee you only pay if we are successful. 

This is different than an attorney – who often requires a large retainer up front with no guarantee of success – or your state enforcement agency, which has an overwhelming case load.

With Our Private Child Support Enforcement Agency You Get:

  • One of the lowest contingency fees in the industry.
  • The personal attention your case deserves.
  • The reassurance that a nationally-recognized agency is helping you get the support that is rightfully yours.

Our Service Guarantee: Collect Child Support Payments, or You Pay Nothing

We believe we should only be paid if we do our job. If we are unsuccessful collecting your child support there is NO fee. Our guarantee means that you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.

It’s just that simple. Our full service enforcement fees are based on contingency rates only. There is no up front cost to you and no cost if we are unsuccessful.

We would be happy to make a no cost and no obligation evaluation of your case.

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