The cost for the services of Child Support Recovery is a percent of the total collection.

Example:Payment Collected$1,000.00
 Our Fee$   300.00   (30%)
 Client Receives$   700.00

When you retain Child Support Recovery Service to perform your support collection you will contract for the total arrearage in your case. That contract will be for 12 months, if we are successful in our collection efforts the contract will extend beyond the 12 months until the contracted arrearage is collected in full.

If at any time we fail to make a collection for you in a 12 month time frame you may terminate your contract.

Some states have enacted legislation that regulates our fees. Our fees range from 30% to 35% depending on the state your order is from.

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When debating the use of a private support collection agency you must compare the costs, some agencies charge fees up front and others collect those fees later. Get to know your options.

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