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Indiana Mother Collects $45,347.66 in 6 Months!
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Our Philosophy

Collect Child Support Payments

Child Support Recovery Service, Inc. feels strongly that child support is both a legal and moral obligation. Our commitment to this belief is unwavering.

  • We will always go to great lengths to gain the cooperation of the absent parent. We will attempt to help them with whatever resources we have available. We do not see punishing the absent parent as our task, instead we look at our task as an opportunity to help a parent who may have made a bad decision or lost their way.

  • We believe wholeheartedly that children are our future. To ensure our future both parents must provide for their children, both emotionally and financially. 

  • We expect the full cooperation of our clients. Our goals should be the same, to make a difference for your children.

  • The agency will not take a back seat. We are providing a service that is needed and has been requested. Therefore the agency should be rewarded when a job is well done.

  • We want to provide a valuable child support enforcement service that helps families. That is why we are in business today. We want to work in the best interest of all parties involved, children, absent parent, client, and agency.
  • The agency shall strive to provide the best service available for our clients. 

Free, No Obligation Evaluation

We would be happy to make a no cost and no obligation evaluation of your case. Feel free to call us to discuss your case at 1-800-607-KIDS.