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Indiana Mother Collects $45,347.66 in 6 Months!
Child Support Enforcement Council


Child Support Enforcement

Located in Elkhart, Indiana, we help clients enforce child support orders from anywhere in the US to access the support they deserve.

CSRS is one of the oldest child support enforcement agencies in the US; we've successfully helped custodial parents collect child support since 1992.

A Strong Commitment to Service

Child Support Recovery Service was formed on a simple principle: We can help parents support their families.

Today, we maintain this commitment to responsive service.

Our Mission

We will take pride in the work that we do for families. We will provide an affordable service to families that would otherwise be unable to pursue effective support enforcement. We will provide personal attention with reference to customer service and effective enforcement action. We will provide a service worthy of our client’s confidence.

A Successful, Low-Risk Alternative

Child Support Recovery Service is a cost-effective way to access support payments. We work on a contingency fee, and have successfully collected on nearly 70 percent of the cases we have worked.