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Indiana Father Collects $26,990.95!
Child Support Enforcement Council


Sandra's Story

It was probably about 20 years ago that I found you.  You were the answer to my prayers.  You had just started in business collecting child support.  For me the reason you were then and are now so important is that there are many women like me that can't support their children on their own.  There was no help for us until you started in business.

I remember trying to use the local authorities to help me collect the child support due me.  But the reality is that if you break the poverty line you get no help from anyone.  I could not afford to take my kids to the dentist, we ate soup and hot dogs a lot, no help with school lunches, book rental, stood in line behind people at the grocery store who had food stamps and were taking home better food than we could afford.   I made just enough money so we got no assistance from any where.  It was a difficult time and finding you helped with those difficulties.

In addition, if a parent should be paying support for their children why is it ok not to?  For me it was not OK.  You collected child support for me for 20 years.  That is no exaggeration.  When I got the letter from you stating that my account was being closed because it had been finally paid in full my son was 30 years old.  For the last 10 years I did not need his child support but he stilled owed it and I wanted him to pay every penny he owed me.  Those are the rules; you take care of your kids no matter what.

You guys chased my ex all over the country trying to collect from him.  You didn't have to find him once but over and over again.  If the legislators make this harder for us to get the child support due us something needs to be done.  I am happy to help with that in any way I can.

I just wanted you to know how important your work is too many people.  I hope people read my story, find the strength to continue and fight for what their children deserve.  It's not OK to let people off the hook by not paying.  It's not fair to the children.