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Michigan Mother Collects $67,494.29 lump sum payment!
Child Support Enforcement Council


We Helped Pam Collect Child Support

When Pam made the decision to stop in at the office of Child Support Recovery she was experiencing a very difficult time in her life. She was supporting her three boys and one girl on only one paycheck. The bills were building up to a crisis point. Pam had gotten a divorce in 1985, but over ten years later had still received only a small portion of the child support her husband was supposed to provide.

Because of court-ordered payments money wasn't supposed to be a issue, but her ex-husband had managed to find ways to avoid payment time and time again.

Then the situation changed, possibly for the better. Pam's ex-husband received a large settlement from an accidental injury. Knowing he and his new wife were flush with cash, Pam approached him for a loan. The bills of running a family had created debt that Pam could not meet. However her ex-husband refused to part with any of his new money.

Pam was fed up. She was facing payment on a bill that she couldn't meet and her children were being hurt by her ex-husband's negligence.

Pam had gone to court five times before but had no luck with her attorney. She decided to try Child Support Recovery Service instead.

When she first talked to David, the president of CSRS, she found a support system. He provided a means to move forward in a situation that otherwise felt helpless. Pam was faced with debt that was threatening to swallow her whole. CSRS helped out by going the extra mile. "David called them (her creditors) to ask if they could hold off", Pam said. Then progress was made on the legal front as well. "Child-Support took him (her ex-husband) to court, and I didn't even have to be there."

Over the course of the next few years Child-Support worked to bring the project to a resolution. "At one point my ex-husband and his lawyer wanted me to settle for $10,000 but David suggested that I should wait it out."

Pam ended up collecting $25,640 for her payment in full. She did not settle.

"Child Support Recovery got a portion of that but it was worth it", Pam states. "It was worth it to get something rather than nothing."