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Michigan Mother Collects $67,494.29 lump sum payment!
Child Support Enforcement Council


We Helped Recover Support and Mend a Relationship

When Vance was divorced in 1989, his daughter was one year old. Vance wanted to stay close to his daughter, but an opportunity opened up for him in Texas. By the time that 1991 rolled around, the Indiana native was working at forging a new life for himself in the Lone Star State.

However Vance had some rough times ahead, and although he wished to stay responsible to his daughter, financial difficulties made it impossible to do so for quite awhile. Decisions had to be made, and he let child-support "slip by the wayside." He tried to get his finances back together but the situation kept getting worse.

Then one day his ex-wife, frustrated by his failure to pay, went to Child Support Recovery Service. As a result, Vance received his first call from CSRS. Although his money situation was dire, Vance appreciated the manner in which CSRS approached the problem.

"I appreciated the spirit in which they [CSRS] worked with me. The situation had to end. They handled it in a professional manner...David [Conder] always tried to understand, but let me know what was the letter of the law. 'Here are your choices. Here are your outcomes'...They listened and worked through the situation."

"No one likes the situation [being negligent on child-support], but he [David] is very good at helping you remember your responsibilities."

Despite the hard times, the paying of child support and the renewed contact helped heal some wounds on both sides. The diligence and collaboration that CSRS committed to the case brought out the best of a bad situation. Vance was able to communicate with his daughter and ex-wife again.

"If you stay in communication it inspires stuff on both sides of the family."