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Michigan Mother Collects $67,494.29 lump sum payment!
Child Support Enforcement Council


Our Solution to Donna's Child Support Problem

Donna contacted our office after going 2 years without receiving child support from her ex-husband for their daughter. He paid for a few months following their divorce but payments quickly trickled off. There was no way to garnish his wages because he is self-employed and any assets he has were not listed in his name. He had been in and out of trouble with the law and had just recently been released from prison when we started working for Donna.

The case worker made contact with Danny right away. Danny was cooperative and said he would get the payments started but after several weeks of empty promises the case worker made contact with Danny's probation officer and provided him with information about his negligence with his child support order. Shortly after, arrangements were made and the first payment was received.

His child support payments continue to come but not without numerous phone calls each month and constant monitoring by the case worker. As the years have gone by the number of monthly calls have decreased but are still necessary. The case requires a lot of attention on a monthly basis to ensure the payment comes in. If it weren't for the diligence on behalf of the case worker Danny would soon "forget" to send his child support each month.