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Michigan Mother Collects $67,494.29 lump sum payment!
Child Support Enforcement Council


Collect Past Due Child Support

We Work with Custodial Parents to Collect Child Support

We have successfully collected millions of dollars of unpaid child support for satisfied parents.

In many of our cases, our client had all but given up hope of collecting the child support owed to them. But with some hard work and our help, they achieved their goal of regular support.

These success stories are a testimony to cooperation between CSRS and our clients. They illustrate that success that can be obtained with cooperation, experience and the right tools. And while absent parents aren't always happy when CSRS gets involved, our services often bring about trans-formative change that help the families succeed.

We would like to thank the parents who share their stories for allowing our agency to be a part of your success.


Supporting Your Efforts to Support Your Family