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Indiana Father Collects $43,158.34!
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Virginia Child Support Information

We regret to inform you that we are unable to work your case. The state of Virginia refuses to cooperate with private child support enforcement agencies causing the services provided by a private agency to be ineffective. It is the policy of the Department of Social Services to not honor requests for information coming from a private agency.

It is our belief that in order for a case to be worked effectively the custodial parent should be able to obtain the assistance of a private agency as well as continue to receive the services provided by the government. The state does not see it this way and believes they should be the only option other than a private attorney for the custodial parent. Your only hope to utilize private enforcement is to contact the Virginia Department of Social Services and convince them that they are taking away your right to choose with their policy regarding private enforcement agencies.

8% of a total of $2,322,951,157.001 of arrearages owed in Virginia was collected by the VA CSE. 37% of Virginia families do not receive their current child support.


If your case is unable to get the attention it deserves, begin taking action. Require someone to review your case, you have that right. Write letters to the judge that handled the case as well as to your state Senators and local Representatives. Make some noise; it is time the local and state governments begin to take the interests of their citizens to heart rather than their own political agendas.

1 Data Source: Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement /Annual Reports & Statistics - FY 2013 Preliminary Report