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Indiana Father Collects $43,158.34!
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Michigan Child Support Information

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Amount currently collected via the Michigan Child Support Enforcement offices

Total Arrearages owed $8,406,415,371.00 Total Collected $366,518,047.001
4% of arrearages owed to Michigan families was collected & distributed.
33% of Michigan families do not receive their current child support.

Who is in charge of enforcing a child support order?

Child support enforcement is a part of the Department of Human Services in Michigan. These services are most commonly provided through Friend of the Court in each county.

Age of Emancipation

MCL 722.3 The age of Emancipation is 18 years of age.

Statute of Limitations to enforce a child support order

MCL 600.5809 Indicates 10 Years from the date the last payment is due.


1 Data Source: Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement /Annual Reports & Statistics - FY 2013 Preliminary Report