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California Mother Collects $18,964.78!
Child Support Enforcement Council


Collect Child Support

Child Support Recovery Service has been working cases nationwide since our doors opened in 1992. We have helped many families all across the country collect millions of dollars in much needed support.

Collecting child support can be a frustrating and difficult, we are here to help. It is our goal as a private child support collection agency to be your advocate during the collection process, with the right tools and determination our efforts may be the difference in collection.

Parents need options to effectively collect child support from a parent who looks to avoid payment. We are Child Support Recovery Service, a private child support enforcement agency. We get involved with a case after the court has established an order and the parent fails to pay.

Three options exist if you struggle to collect what has been ordered.

1) Private Child Support Enforcement Agency (Child Support Recovery Service 1-800-607-5437)

2) State Child Support Services

3) Private Attorney

At Child Support Recovery Service we Collect Child Support and we do it well. Since 1992 we have been finding ways to collect child support on cases that were thought to be uncollectable. We collect child support on the most difficult cases; we collect child support on cases your attorney has turned away. We collect child support on cases your state child support office has given up on. We collect child support from parents that can not be found. We collect child support from parents that have never paid the first dime in child support.

Child Support Recovery works cases nationwide however; there are States that we choose not to do business in. Please review our service locations to determine if you have the option of a private child support enforcement agency.

Stop waiting for payments that never come, contact Child Support Recovery Service. If you are not getting child support that has been court ordered then the time to act is now. We will Support Your Efforts to Support Your Family.